‘Tis The Season To Be Fearless Album Review


With the highly anticipated All Time Low Christmas song coming out this week it's true that the holiday season is in the air. But while we wait for that song there is already a  Christmas album out that not many alternative music fans know about. 'Tis The Season To Be Fearless is a short and sweet Christmas album featuring some of the best bands signed to the Fearless label. 

Amley-Christmas Time Again

The band Amely is a group I was fortunate enough to see this past August in promotion of their recent album release. Their feel good beat, and smooth vocals can get anyone into the festive Christmas mood. The song is also great for the beginning of the CD and the holiday season, realizing we can finally sing the carols without looking like fools.

Artist vs Poet-Christmas With You

One of my favorite bands off of the Fearless label is Artist vs Poet, who you may have seen in the past year as they toured constantly with multiple bands. Building a great fan base to follow their killer sound, they slow it down for something a little more acoustic and a little more festive as well.

Breathe Carolina-Mile High Christmas

Not afraid to add their own personal touch to the track, Breathe Carolina takes their normal sexual persona and screaming talents for this more hard-core track. Reminding us this is an alternative album, Breathe Carolina never fails keep it real. We also love the Snookie joke. 

For All Those Sleeping-Maybe This Christmas

The first thing I notice about the sound of For All Those Sleeping is that they remind me a little bit of my favorite Christmas song, Father Christmas by The Kinks. Keeping that bittersweet sound for a bittersweet track, FATS is a great addition to the album.

Go Radio-O Holy Night

Seeing Go Radio live put them straight on my radar since August, and their energy to light up a room has been captured in their rendition of O Holy Night. Probably the hardest rocking track, it powers through the speakers and for real music lovers, hits that music bone we all know we have, somewhere near the small intestine.

Let's Get It-Down To Us

This being the first time hearing this band, I have to say I underestimated them. They have strong harmonies and a quality sound that is worthy of this record. 

The Maine-Ho Ho Hopefully

This is without a doubt my favorite track, but only because I've known all the words for long over a year now. Off of The Maine's Christmas EP from a while back, they definitely picked the best song to be added to this list of great songs. In the order of the CD it takes a break from all the hard rocking and brings it back down to earth with an acoustic guitar. 

Sparks The Rescue-Christmas Brings Me Down

The album ends on a high note with the ironic track, 'Christmas Brings Me Down' It holds the traditional pop-punk sound and covers all the things I do during the Christmas season, aka stay inside alone. But enough of my awkward tendencies. The song brings the album full circle to make the perfectly wrapped stocking stuffer this season.


  1. Great review, I love this small compilation even though Christmas has been and gone!
    Personal favourites are Mile High Christmas, and Ho Ho Hopefully.
    Maybe this Christmas and Christmas With You are really good too.
    I knew most of these bands before, but those that I didn’t know (For All Those Sleeping, Let’s Get It, and Amely) are all great (or at least seem it). Indeed, I immediately went out and bought Amely’s 8 song album – very good too.
    Been a massive fan of Mayday Parade and saw them in October, it’s nice to see that Jason Lancaster is still making brilliant music with Go Radio.
    You seem to like very similar music to myself, would love to have seen as many great bands (I presume you live in America – I’m from England).

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