An Interview with Westland


Photo Credit: Dan Gillan

Q:How and where did the band get its name?

A: Jon and Ryan actually lived on Westland Ave in Boston, and the name just stuck!

Q: How long has everyone been playing their respected instrument?

A: Everyone in the band has been playing their instrument for a solid 5 – 10 years!

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: It deff varies between band member but, everything from the Beatles to blink 182.

Q: Congratulations on being featured as an unsigned artist of the month by Alternative Press! How did that feel being recognized like that?

A: Thank you very much! The feeling is great! We are excited to have such loyal fans who voted us in! Thank you to all!

Q: Has anything changed since then?

A: Well, its only been a few months since, but we have gotten alot of exposure and have been receiving lots of great interview requests like this one 🙂

Q: Who are your musical guilty pleasures?

A: Lady Gaga,Katy Perry, and Pink 😉

Q: What do you imagine people doing when listening to your music?

A: Dancing, Singing to every catchy hook, and hopefully showing all their friends in excitement! 🙂

Q: You have to creature a super tour with you and three other bands, who is coming with you?

A: Blink 182, Coldplay, Mars Volta. Weird i know, but it would be amazing 🙂

Q: What’s next for the band?

A: We are releasing a new song on december 20th exclusivly with purevolume. the song will be up from dec 20th – 27th. We will be featured on the front page of , Also expect a new ep and two remixes of Dont Take It Personal and I'll Pray For You! & hopefully some really great tours in 2011! We were submitted for warped tour and bamboozle so we will see what happens for sure!


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