O’Malley Ditches Presidential Bid, Plans Return to Musical Career

Omalleys March

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley announced today that despite persistant rumors to the contrary he will not seek the Democratic nomination for President of United States. O’Malley, 51, who has been considered one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party said that he plans to concentrate on his music career with his band O’Malley’s March.


“I just got off of the phone with Bono and we are on the shortlist for the opening slot on the upcoming U2 world tour. Now I ask you, which shortlist would you rather be on?” O’Malley continued, “I’m tired of fund-raising, I’m ready for some fun-raising!”

O’Malley’s friendship with the band dates back to 1981 when he was a freshman at Catholic University in Washington DC and the band was playing at the Bayou.   Their van broke down and   O’Malley rebuilt the alternator while the band slept on his dorm room floor.

“I still have the set list from that show!” O’Malley shrieked, “That was the beginning of a tremendous friendship and Bono and the boys told me that if there was ever anything they could do for me, they would do it. I’ve been keeping that one in my “favor bank” a long time.”

According to political strategist Ned Dunkleberger, O’Malley’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination are precisely 147:1, while the odds of opening for U2 are a solid 2:1.

“Think about it”‘ said Dunkelberger, ” Would you rather be in New Hampshire in February shaking hands at some crappy diner or onstage at the Koala Music Festival in Australia?”

“As one of the few governors in America who actually likes U2’s recent albums and can rebuild an alternator, I’m uniquely qualified for this role.” O’Malley proclaimed. “However, as a precaution, I’m making sure that Mumford and Sons has some visa problems.”

When asked to comment on the Governor’s plans, O’Malley’s wife Katie said, “Thank God they will finally be out of the basement and I’ll have my sewing room back”.


Field Day

Here is a brand new Dad’s Car Radio podcast!

Download FieldDay_1_Final.mp3

This one was recorded during the last week of school and features Chelsea and Dad of course, but also special guest Megan. It was Field Day and in addition to that topic you will also hear Dad giving directions to a stranger, what the Spanish TMX Elmo is really doing, a story about Dad’s friend Franklin, a couple of tunes and a discussion about our favorite attraction on the road to school, Dead Kid Hole!

Promoted by it’s developers as Quarry Lake at Greenspring, but re-named by Chelsea in honor of the accident that is, sadly, certain to happen someday.


Low fences, high cliffs, deep water, all surrounded by homes, offices and shopping. What could possibly go wrong? We’ll tell you when you listen to this episode of Dad’s Car Radio.

Internet Radio in Serious Danger

Riaa_horns_1 If you enjoy listening to music over the Internet – and who doesn’t?  – then PLEASE pay attention and act on this important issue TODAY.  A new royalty structure, pushed for by the RIAA and announced on Monday March 5th, 2007  by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board would immediately and dramatically change the way Internet radio stations pay royalties to music copyright owners. Currently royalties are a calculated as a percentage of revenues generated byt the station. The new structure calls for a fee per song, per stream. This would increase the amount charged by 1,000%, effectively killing the business.

Every channel – no matter how few listeners it attracts – would be subject to a $500 minimum per year.  Which seems pretty arbitrary to me.  You can read more details Here.

How you can help.

Sign the Petition at SavetheStreams.org

Contact your Congressional Representatives.

Listen to some Internet radio today and marvel at the myriad of choices.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Radio Hannibal 

AccuRadio – Pick a micro niche and customize it, very cool.


SOMA FM – Great grooves here

Pandora – you can also click on the customized Pandora streams over there in the left hand column of this page

WTMD Our Local No-Commercial station- we’re lucky to have ti available over the air.

We are also lucky to have WRNR sorry they don’t stream but I had to mention them too if I was going to plug WTMD.


Those Upset Uptight Parents Were Right

Remember a few years ago, back when Britney Spears was just a teen-age virgin who acted like a slut?  Britney

Ah, those innocent days…  Remember all the parents who were so upset at the bad role model she was? Remember thinking, "Jeesh, get a life – she’s just a girl singer – who cares?" 

Oops. I did it again, indeed.  I misjudged the uptight parents. It turns out they were right.


Could this be Britney’s new man???