African Adventure

There is an amazing story in the current issue of Vanity Fair, the July 2007 Africa issue which was guest edited by Bono and features 20 different covers shot by Annie Liebowitz.  This particular article is NOT online so   IS NOW ON THE WEB! READ IT!  I will quickly summarize and strongly encourage you to go buy a copy – or at least borrow  one or even stop in to your local library and read their copy. It is that cool a story.

"Showtime in the Sahara" by Tom Freston is the story of a group of music loving friends who travel, literally, beyond Timbuktu, to attend what’s billed as the world’s most remote music festival.  "The Festival in the Desert" is held at an Oasis in the Sahara desert. Many attendees arrive after a long trip by Camel.  Youssou

The group of friends includes Tom Freston, former CEO of MTV Networks, Jimmy Buffet, Chris Blackwell, legendary founder of Island Records (Bob Marley U@, Cat Stevens, dozens of African artists), veteran music journalist Bill Flanagan, Kino Bachelior, who has toured with Buffet for 30 years, and Jonathon Brandstein a manger of comedians who is also a world music nut and has been to Mali before.

The tale of the trip from Dakar, Senegal, to Timbuktu, Mali and then on into the desert is fascinating, exhilarating and inspiring.  There is a sidebar article where internationally renowned Senagalese singer Youssou N’Dour – who you have heard sing with Peter Gabriel on "In Your Eyes" offers up a list of 15 songs that give a nice overview and introduction to West African Music.  You can buy them all via iTunes and the proceeds – 100% of the proceeds go to The Global Fund.

Here’s the itunes link

Here’s Youssou performing with Peter Gabriel.

And here’s a link to a video of Annie and Bono working on the cover shoot.

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