Be Kind To Your Opening Acts

I know I know, I'm talking over the blog with all of these posts. But I'm a teenage girl with a lot on her mind and have a whole lot more to say.

I was just thinking for a bit as I watched some videos I had taken from recent concerts. I was taking a look at a video of a opening act at a show and unlike the video of the headliner, no one was really singing along with the lyrics. I wasn't singing even though I knew the words because I really didn't want to tarnish the video with my voice but I felt bad hearing no one else sing. And it made me realize that I always look up the opening acts on shows because I feel so much guilt standing there in the crowd and never having heard the song that was playing. Plus it makes the wait time go so much faster if you are enjoying and are farmiliar with the music playing. One last thing about checking out small bands before you see the show. There are a few things that I have experienced that have made me feel really great about myself. And I can honestly admit that one of them is being able to see the look on the bands face when they spot you singing in the crowd to their songs. 

That's all for now


PS-it's way easier to get a guitar pic from a band member if they see you singing along or if you know their name.

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