Exclusive: An interview with NeverShoutNever

On December 16th I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down and talk with Christofer and Hayden of NeverShoutNever and The Shout about the upcoming album and the tour, which kicked off last night. The tour is completely stripped down and acoustic and the opening acts are acoustic as well. All venues on this tour are small and intimate, I was literally against the stage because at the venue last night there were no guard rails but speakers and boxes in the way. These small venues create an amazing sound and make the experience that much better.

After an amazing show and cooling down I was able to meet up with Chris and Hayden and have a chat. Dad was there handy with the camera and there to chime in with a few questions. What made the interview exceptionally special for us was that they were kind enough to perform a song off the new album. Pick up NeverShoutNever's album, "What is Love?" on January 26th wherever music is sold. Or preorder it at http://www.nevershoutnever.com/whatislove/

Full Interview With Song:

Exclusive Acoustic Performance of 'Can't Stand It':


  1. I love that you two swapped bracelets.
    Kind of awesome.
    He seems like an awkward emo child.
    But I kind of love him hahah.
    : )

  2. Damnien Voey'd says:

    Dude,Chels u are so lucky! i miss Christopher and Hayden 🙁

  3. nice song and great interview!!

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