When Radio Played Records

I went down stairs to the archives tonight in search of my old David Bowie albums. While I have access to everything via Spotify, I wanted to hold in my hands the actual records that I had loved and played many times and put one or two on the turntable for a spin.

Among the LP’s are a couple that I  liberated from a local radio station where I was working in 1982. WRHY at 92.7FM started life as a Free form progressive rock station around 1972 and had morphed into a tighter but still rocking station in the late 70’s and then… they fired all the DJ’s and went to the syndicated “Music of Your Life” Big Band Nostalgia format.

Clearly there was no further use for the David Bowie albums here, so I gave them and a few others a new home…

These albums are artifacts from the era when Album Rock Radio actually played the album on the air. Sometimes they would skip. That was always fun… Anyway, Here is the cover of Station to Station, released 40 years ago this month. If you remember hearing “Golden Years” or  “TVC 15” on Starview back in 1976, this is the actual physical album you heard.

Note the tape aound the edges. image1


This sticker was to tell the DJ’s which cuts were suggested for airplay. My favorite note on this album is in regard to track 1 which could be played “When Time Allows”  That track,  “Station to Station” clocks in at over 10 minutes and that, my friends, is what free form radio was all about…



Turning to the back side, we have more DJ notes regarding the tempo of the songs, if the end faded or ended cold and in this case someone took the time to make sure we knew where the words began and ended…



We also see on the lower left some DJ Graffiti. A back and forth between 2 or 3 different DJs. Starting with “Criswell predicts next single” pointing to the song “Stay”.  I’ll let you read the follow on comments.

FullSizeRender (4)


By the way, the record is in remarkably good shape and plays perfectly. The music, of course, is timeless.