This Just In: WDVE 102.5FM Pittsburgh Still Sucks

From 1976-1980 I attended Bethany College where I was part of a dedicated bunch of freaks that based their lives around the college radio station, WVBC. It was a 10 watt station but with our tower perched atop Old Main, the tallest building on campus we got a decent Mono signal that could be heard all over town and a few miles down the pike.  Meanwhile 45 mile to the north-east from the top of the US Steel building in downtown Pittsburgh was the massive 50,000 Watt-stereo-processed-o-the-max-flame-thrower-power-house, WDVE.  At the time they were playing a popular version of album oriented rock called "Superstars" a format reproduced around the country which focused on artists rather than hit singles – playing multiple tracks from a new Eagles album for example and not just the hit.  It was a success and they were our arch rival.

Of course, they didn’t know we existed, but never mind that. We needed to win in Bethany.  We needed to be connected to the community and over an alternative to the mass market formula fare that was WDVE – and we did. 

So, the other day, I happened to be on the WDVE website – (long story) and hit the button to listen live. First song – Lynyrd Skynyrd – "Tuesday’s Gone"  Lynyrd  followed by Steely Dan "Reelin’ in the Years".  CantbuyathrillBoth of these songs would have fit right in on WDVE and frankly, depending on the DJ, also on WVBC in 1977.  They would have been "Library Tracks"  not current, not even – "re-current"  but not yet Golden Oldies.  Both songs were about 5 years old at the time and had already been played to death.

But they still spin – well not exactly spin – let’s see, they played it first from the LP, then from a Cart, then from a CD, and now from an Audio Vault.



But still they play them over and over and over and over. In the couple of days that have passed since I heard them, they have played them yet again. 700 song playlist – 4 minutes a song 2800 minutes of music 1440 minutes in a day – yeah they’ve repeated them by now…

So, the bottom line: WDVE Still Sucks.  Meanwhile at WVBC, it is January term so the station is running on automation – the kids come back next week. On a quick call to the station office I asked what the last few songs were. 

Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, and 98 Degrees. 

Well, let’s see – it’s a bit after 12 noon – hmmm in 1980 My shift ended at Noon and Mark Wilcox came on – I hated his taste – and he hated mine and it appears that he is still holding down the Noon – 2 slot…


  1. had to be the fly playing that lame threesome…

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