Field Day

Here is a brand new Dad’s Car Radio podcast!

Download FieldDay_1_Final.mp3

This one was recorded during the last week of school and features Chelsea and Dad of course, but also special guest Megan. It was Field Day and in addition to that topic you will also hear Dad giving directions to a stranger, what the Spanish TMX Elmo is really doing, a story about Dad’s friend Franklin, a couple of tunes and a discussion about our favorite attraction on the road to school, Dead Kid Hole!

Promoted by it’s developers as Quarry Lake at Greenspring, but re-named by Chelsea in honor of the accident that is, sadly, certain to happen someday.


Low fences, high cliffs, deep water, all surrounded by homes, offices and shopping. What could possibly go wrong? We’ll tell you when you listen to this episode of Dad’s Car Radio.

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